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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why the Rush?

So looking at the timeline we've created, some of you might wonder... what's the hurry? Well, besides the obvious reason that we want to get our child home as soon as possible, there is another. That reason has everything to do with notarization and our friends at the Kazakhstani Embassy in New York. Here's the lowdown. We've got to get our dossier (paperwork) to the Kazakhstani Embassy before any one of the documents in the package is more than 6 months old. This doesn't sound too hard, until you start to understand all the hoops that have to be jumped through. For example, one of the documents in our dossier is a form called an 1-171H, which we receive from the USCIS ( the united states department of citizenship and immigration services). We can't get this document until we have a completed I-600A from the same agency. Currently the wait time to have your I-600A processed is running right around three months, BUT the USCIS can't even start processing our I-600A until we have a completed, approved homestudy report submitted to them. However, we can't finish our homestudy until we have documents like medical evaluations and income verifications completed, each of which is notarized. So, since we have started getting documents notarized, we are now in a mad rush to try to get our homestudy done, so that we can get our I-600A done, so that we can get our 1-171H done, so that we can have our dossier translated into Russian and submitted to the Kazakhstani Embassy before the notarization we just got expires and needs to be redone! Whew. And now you know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Becca! Congratulations on your decision to adopt. A friend passed your site along to me. Thank you for sharing the trip with us! It always warms my heart to know that another child will soon find their way home!! I have two children from Kaz myself, the experience is life changing. You are in for the most wonderful adventure! Colene