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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Early Christmas

Although we still have so much to be thankful for, there is no longer any chance that we will be spending the holidays in Kazakhstan with our new little love. We've just been notified that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is now taking a minimum of at least four months to process dossiers and sometimes as much as six to eight months. This is up from an average of four to six weeks, when our dossier arrived in Kaz. Oh, the wild world of international adoption! The upside is that our dossier has been in Kazakhstan for almost three months already, so we have at least one more month (probably closer to two or three months) to wait before we hear any word on when we might travel. So I'm putting my gorgeous new stroller safely in the garage, because it looks like I won't be using it for a while and I'm off to tell Calvin, who only wants to talk about being a "big brother" to "baby Garrett," that we'll have to wait a while more. I know that we'll bring our baby home when the time is right, but this does feel like a punch in the gut. Love to you all. Paka. Becca

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Kathy said...

Little Garrett will be so welcomed when he comes... whenever that time my be. Until them we send him love...