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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Waiting? What Waiting?

I can't believe I'm writing this post in early September, but here goes... OUR DOSSIER IS IN KAZAKHSTAN!!! Whoa! I honestly can't believe it. Our agency has been telling us for months that things are slowing down, that Kazakhstan is tightening the reins, that we should expect to wait. But no! The wonderful people at the NY Consulate must have known how terrible we are at waiting because our dossier moved through at lightning speed, a full 2 months faster than we expected!
So here is how it will go down from here - Our dossier is in Kazakhstan at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It'll stay there for 6-8 weeks and then move on to the Ministry of Education. I'm expecting about the same wait there. And, if I understand things correctly (and I'm not sure I do), some time along the way we will get our region assignment. After that, we wait for a Letter of Invitation to travel. Then we go! That's right, within the next couple of months, we will know, with a little more precision, where in the world our child is and then we'll go get him! Can you believe it?!!! O.K. I'll stop using exclaimation points... after this last little victory dance!!!! Yea!!!
Hang on baby, we're coming!
Love to you all,
P.S. - Oh, and here is another wonderful thing about getting our dossier to Kazakhstan - this means that no other changes in the law can effect us. From here on our there will be no new rules!


lkkk3847 said...

Wow, oh wow! You are so right ... hang on baby, you very soon will be home. Very soon...!
It leaves me a bit breathless, happy, excited and smiling...

Looks like we are packing for winter after all!

Nana and Mom

Caro K said...

Woo-hooo!!! So excited for you and for everyone. We better get started sewing!

pfaraclas said...

Great news! I'm thinking that Christmas 2008 is going to be one special holiday.
Love you,
Aunt Patrice

Nana said...

Thanks for adding the videos! They gave a great snap shot into real life and I think ones that Garrett will want to see one of these days.

I sure can't wait to meet him! Soon, Soon...