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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun with Homestudies!

It's official. I tempted the gods in my last post by claiming that "all I could do now was wait." Apparently that's not so! As of yesterday the Kazakhstani embassy has thrown us yet another curve ball. They've decided that they will only accept dossiers with homestudies conducted by Hague Accredited agencies. Don't worry, you don't have to know what that means. All you have to know is that the agency that conducted our homestudy back in February, doesn't have the little piece of paper that the Kazakhstani government wants to see and unless I find a way to get it, come September 15th, the consulate will reject our dossier!!!
So now I find myself in that all to familiar position of scrambling like mad to cover all the bases as quickly as possible. I can't get ahold of my coordinator at WPA, who is probably swamped with anxious calls. Also, the contact at my homestudy agency is taking a well earned vacation this week. However, being short on official information/instructions has never stopped me before. In the world of international adoption, it doesn't pay to sit around on your keister! SO...I've called about sixteen new homestudy agencies this morning and left rambling messages for more people than I can count...and... I think I've figured it out.
So let's all give a big cheer for Hague Accredited Partners for Adoption!!! They have agreed to update our homestudy with their seal of approval.
Fingers crossed, I'll be able to put a bookend on this one before the month is through.
Wish us luck, again.


Caro K said...

Eeeeek! Way to go, Bec--that's some fast, fancy footwork! You're going to have the all maneuvers down by the time you get to KZ.

Thanks for keeping us all updated!


lkkk3847 said...

You my dear are the research and paperwork champion! This one earns you the gold medal. The Olympic team has nothing on you!
Little Garrett is smiling!
Great job...

Mom and Nana

Patrice said...

No doubt about it, that was quite a curve ball that they threw. Good job stepping up to the plate. It sounds like you hit it out of the park with the help of Hague Accredited Patrners. I can just hear Garrett in the stands routing for you!
Aunt Patrice