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Monday, June 2, 2008

Translation Please!

No, Tim and I haven't mastered the Russian language... but... drum roll please... we did FINISH OUR DOSSIER! That's right, folks, we are officially "in translation." It feels like a real milestone in our adoption journey and, boy, did it take a lot of effort to get here. Today was a gueling day of paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. First, we corrected the one glitch in our notarized document... a fact for which we owe Marty a big honorable mention! (Thanks, Marty, you're the best.) Then we headed off to state capital to have everything apostilled by the secretary of state. We sorted and stapled. We gathered all my carefully organized paperwork into several very confusing piles. We re-sorted them and handed them over. And we held our breath. Tim and Calvin hit the train musuem while I waited (yes, I'll admit, I couldn't bear to leave my precious dossier), then forty-five minutes and one large check later, we had pretty gold stickers on all of our paperwork. Calvin found this part very interested and I was momentarily terrified that he would affix tigger stickers to all our documents. When we got home I headed over to Kinkos and burnt through over 500 copies to make our five complete dossier sets. Then I sent them off to the great unknown to be translated into Russian and sent to Kazakhstan.
We were told that we would be approximately 2 months in translation. Translation time depends on what kind of child you are requesting and since we want a child under one year old, we are in for the longer end of the translation spectrum.
The crazy thing for me is that, from here on out, we have done everything we can to bring our little one home. We have rushed around, bothering the people we love for recommendations and last minute babysitting gigs. We have notarized, apostilled, photocopied, and faxed, and fed-ex'd. But that's all come to an end. Until the moment we accept our invitation to travel, we are done and all we can do is wait.
Wish us luck. We are terrible at waiting.
Love to you all.


Caro K. said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations, you two!!! You've done so much to get where you are now. Maybe two months or so of time off to just anticipate will feel good. I mean, it's really going to happen. And soon!

Does this mean we can have a party? Because I think we should have a party...

lkkk3847 said...

I have to check your blog more often! Great job finishing the dossier.. I know how much you love paperwork.
I just got in the mail "Rapid Russian" .. hope it is really rapid! "Ya hachoo kofye". I think that will be very important.
Soon, Calvin will meet his life long buddy... I can hardly wait!
Love, Mom and Nana