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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back in the USSR!

Day... who in the heck knows!

Tomorrow is the big day. I've packed my bags (again) and tomorrow afternoon I'm off to the airport... this time to pick up my son and bring him home!!! Tim and Calvin will be staying home this time. My wonderful mother and a team of enthusiastic aunties will be keeping Calvin happy while I'm gone. My mom has planned a week of fun activities (movie, ice cream, zoo, ice cream, bowling, ice cream...) so I'm pretty sure that he's not going to miss me at all.

I, however, am sure to miss him. Most 'mothers of two' can empathize with my muddle of emotions here. I'm so excited to get Garrett. In fact, I'm practically desperate to hold my sweet little baby again, but this last journey also marks end of an era for our family. These are my last moments with just Calvin and although he knows that he is getting a brother, he really has no idea that his world is just about to change forever. Consequently, I've been loving on Cal even more than usual and trying to savor these few moments of relative calm with my wonderful three year old. Being Calvin's mother has been the most amazing blessing in my life and I am grateful for every crazy minute of it!

In just a matter of days, Tim and I will finally have two times the craziness, two times the joy, and two times the love with our TWO boys! (finally)

So stay tuned everyone, the Snyders2Kaz blog is back in action. My wonderful sister, Caroline, and I are hitting the airport with our eyes on the prize. Look out Kazakshtan, here we come!

Pash Lee! (let's go!)


ethan said...

I am a fellow WPA mom and am slated to be in Almaty with our baby girl on May 13, leaving Almaty on May 16. Are you going to be there during that time? I would love to meet up with you.
Mary Collier
e mail is

Jennifer M said...

Safe travels!! I can't wait for you to hold Garrett again! And then finally BOTH boys at the same time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Look at me getting to respond to your blog!
Calvin is blessed to have you as his Mom and the 3 ½ years he had only with you and Tim obviously gave him a wonderful start to a smiling life. But… I sure know what you mean!
He and I with his team of dedicated and excited family members are “Going to have a blast” in the short nine days you will be gone, so don’t worry about your darling 3 year old. He will happy and busy (I know I sure will be:)
Can’t wait till Mother’s Day and the Skype from you, Garrett and his happy Auntie Caroline! Enjoy the journey as you did before and know our love and thoughts are with you day and night…
The Happy Nana of two…

Dean and Janie said...


We are so excited for you and your family. What a good reminder to just be thankful for each blessed day. How I've loved following your blog; I've gotten to go on the best part of this journey with you. God Bless You as you travel.

Lou Ann said...

Safe travels and I'm looking forward to hearing all your news.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey - It's Me - Your Husband. Don't forget to buy some Nestle for Men - and BARF! dish wash detergent while you are there for some excellent Christmas gifts! AML - Tim

Holly said...


Aunt Patrice said...

Oh my goodness, we are so excited that you and Caroline are off to Kazakhstan to bring sweet Garrett to his new home. We can't wait to meet the newest member of our family.
Aunt Patrice, Uncle Makel, Nicole and Matt

Channing said...

Hooray! I've missed the blog! Can't wait to see updated pics of your littlest bug.