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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He's Ours!!!

Day 46

It's official. The 15 day appeal period after court decision has just passed. Garrett Ruslan Snyder is now, absolutely-officially-no-more-hesitations OURS! Hooray! Ring the church bells. Let out some white doves. Do something big and celebratory because it is finally real! We are a family of four and that little pumpkin on the other side of the world has adoring parents and a great big brother.

News from the homefront... It's pretty good to be home. We have gone from snowsuits to sunscreen! When we walked in our front door 41 hours after leaving the cottage in Schuchinsk (we had some huge layovers), we were absolutely dazzled by the spendors of our modern American life. We couldn't stop staring at all the colors in our garden. Green! I actually laughed when I was able to drink water from the tap. After a couple adrenaline filled minutes of racing around the house to reacquaint ourselves we all ended up lying on the warm grass and staring up at the blue sky. It felt so good to take off our coats and feel the sun on our skin! Have I mentioned how wonderful our friends and family are. Our house was positively dripping in bouquets and little notes of congratulations. Our refrigorator was completely stocked with fresh food. (We devored the edamame beans in about 15 minutes). Calvin came home to four easter baskets in the living room. We felt so loved and I want to let you know that we are thankful for all of you!

But I miss Garrett!!!! He's doing fine. I know that. I knew that before I left. All the same, I miss him with the "phantom limb" ache that some amputee's report. I can't shake the feeling that some part of me is missing and I wake up in the middle of the night wanting him so much it hurts. Don't get me wrong it is absolutely wonderful to see all of my amazing friends and family again. It's great to settle Calvin and Tim back into the cozy little nest of our life here... but god, it's hard to be away from Garrett... and selfishly speaking, I wish I had never left. Luckily, there are two wonderful families in the Schuchinsk babyhouse right now. Carol and Tom Oliver, who we had the pleasure of meeting just before we left are adopting an adorable and energetic little guy who they are naming Ian. They've finished their bonging period and are waiting for their court date. There is also a very kind woman named Terri who is adopting a sweet little guy she will name Dimetri. I have been making myself an absolute nuisance on the e-mail accounts of both of these wonderful families begging for pictures of Garrett and every couple of days I open my computer in the morning to a wonderful surprise. Here is one of my favorites from last week. This is my happy boy hanging out with the Oliver's son, Ian.

Seeing that picture, how could you not want to fly across the ocean and scoop that little lovebug up and pinch those ridicuously round cheeks. Only 8 days to go! I just mught make it.

Paka Paka!


P.S. - I think Calvin is missing Kaz too. He still answers our questions in russian when he can and every time he counts something he does it once in English and then again in Russian. Too cute!


Jennifer M said...

Congratulations!! Awesome news! Very happy for you on it all being official now.

I hope time flies quickly for you, and you are able to hold your SON! soon. :-)

Colorado, USA said...

Congratulations! It must be an amazing feeling. That latest picture is the best! How cool to have contact with other families there to watch out for your little guy!

Rayna said...

congratulations!!! i can imagine this time must be very hard. i hope it goes by quickly!

Pat and Alli said...

What exciting news!! I've been checking in for updates and was happy to see this one.

Congratulations and best wishes.

Holly said...

Absolutely fabulous news! We are so excited to meet our new nephew. We feel so blessed. Hang in there Becca - those chubby little hands will be holding yours before you know it. Love to you all! Team Hartman

Lou Ann said...

Congratulations and happy Family Day!! I'm sure you will be holding him in your arms in no time and then you won't ever have to leave him again. Isn't that amazing!!

Keep busy!
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Jodi said...

CONGRATS!! I've been checking every few days for your big news and so happy to read that all is now official! I remember what a huge relief that is (even though you've known from the very start that he was your son!). Hope the days until you return to Kaz pass quickly - I'll be eagerly waiting to read your wonderful accounts of your family reunion.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

great news!! so thrilled..
praying that the wait is quick and you get back to that baby boy quickly!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the blogger is back, we have been having withdrawls! Congratulations, its on to the home stretch from here....

We are all hoping for some additional updates on Sasha when you return to Kaz.