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Friday, April 10, 2009

gifts - a "how to" guide

Day 30 (part 2)
Get a pen, because if you are coming to Kokshetau here is what you need to know about the gifts you have to bring. I'll cover all the bases of here.
First of all: "who." You will need to give gifts to everyone involved in taking care of you, taking care of your child, and getting you through the court system here in Kaz. So you will need gifts for: your interpretor, your housekeeper, your driver, your coordinator, the babyhouse director, the babyhouse doctor, the head of the caregivers at the babyhouse, nine babyhouse caregivers, the judge, the prosecutor, the representative from the ministry of education, and the court stenographor. That is 20 gifts. There are only three men on the list: the driver, the babyhouse director, and the prosecutor.
O.K, so "what do you give them?" The easy answer, of course, is things that are lightweight and easy to pack! After all, you probably have a 50lb weight limit on your bag. We brought along gift bags and tissue paper and made up small gift bags for all twenty people. We filled the bags with pretty random assortment of small gifts. The best of those gifts included toilettries for the women, especially antibacterial lotions and makeup samplers. We also gave lots of cute stationary. We gave some chocolate (although the chocolate here in Kaz has been better than the stuff at home) and small flashlights. You want to give a better gift to the judge (we gave her a crosspen), the woman from the ministry of education, the babyhouse director and you interpretor. The smallest stuff goes to the caregivers.
Next: "when." Today. You will give all of the gifts right after your court hearing.
Where? You will give the judge, prosecutor, ministry of education representative, and stenographer their gifts at the courthouse. Then you will drive to the babyhouse, kiss your baby, and give out the rest of the gifts.
That's it. Now hit the dollar bin at Target and happy shopping!

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Rayna said...

thanks for this post!! it was really helpful...i am off to target :)