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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Silver Lining

Day 29
Let us be happy for Sasha.
Sasha has found a family!
It's true! We just found out today, that with any luck, darling little Sasha will meet his lucky parents sometime in May! I nearly jumped for joy. Mom actually started crying with relief. Sasha's placement is absolutely the silver lining on the big storm cloud - I only have one more visit with Garrett before we leave!

I really can't believe it. Just one more day, because the day after that is court (no visit), then the next day we leave (no visit!). That is not nearly enough time to soak in the gaze from those giant hazel eyes. To kiss those chubby cheeks. To hold that warm little body close to mine.

How did this happen? How did the time slip by so quickly? I know that Garrett will be fine at the babyhouse until I get back... but selfishly I don't want to leave... because I'm his mother and I'll miss him!
Emotions aside, it is time for the logistics of these last days in Kokshetau. We have to get ready for court. That means pressing the suit and skirt that we hauled half way across the world. Tim also has to prepare a speech to read to the judge about how much we love Garrett. I am, quite nobly, attempting to keep myself from editing it for grammer and dramatic emphasis. We also have to put all of the gifts that we brought into bags and label them for all the right people. Since the gifting process was such a mystery to me when I traveled, I will be sure to include a detailed account of the who-gets-what in a later posting.
Then we get to the hard stuff....We have to take Calvin's bike, wash it up and give it to the orphanage. His first bike! (sniff). We have to explain to Calvin (and have Makhabbat explain to Ali) that we are leaving so Cal won't be around to play anymore. Then comes the last trip to the Viola market. Last walk to the Tsum store. Last frantic pigeon chase at the war memorial. We have to take all of Calvin's pictures off the wall. We have to pack. We have to leave.

I thought I would be so ready to come home, but I'm not!!! I actually started crying at the babyhouse today. The head of the caregivers came in to thank us for replacing a worn out toy tunnel with a new one from a local store. It wasn't a big deal, really, but she told us that she could tell how much we cared for all of the kids, not just our own... and I absolutely lost it. Oi. Here I go again...
Oh boy. Let's talk about happy things! For instance, Makhabbat gave Tim a hilarious chocolate bar today. Take a look. It's called Nestle For Men. I imagine that you have to say the name of the chocolate in a very serious and sultry baritone. Try it. The inside of the chocolate is imprinted with small pictures indicating "no women allowed." Don't worry, I had some anyway. I like to live dangerously.
Or, in the news of the super cute, the babies had "soccer lessons" in the babyhouse today. That's right. Baby soccer! The caregivers worked on those little baby quadraceps by encouraging them to kick at bright balloons. It was darling. Makhabbat took some pictures. (I imagine that this little guy was the winner of the match. He is ready for his victory lap around the nursery)
Also, Calvin was in fine form today. This evening, as we were walking home from a delicious dinner of giant kebabs with Makhabbat at the Rainbow cafe, Tim was carrying Cal on his shoulder. Tim said "Isn't your Daddy strong? I can hold you on this side and Garrett on the other." Calvin accepted this as a rather boring truth and asked the question that was on everyone mind. He said, "Yes, Daddy, but how many swedish fish can you carry?" I think we woke up the neighboring apartments with our laughs.

So I'm going to do my best to exit gracefully from Kokshetau. We have had a wonderful run and I'm not going to leave here a sniveling mess! I may need a lot of chocolate to keep my spirits up, but that's a risk I'm willing to take! So brace yourself California, because the Snyders (minus one) are landing in just a few days!
Love you all. I'm off to pack up gifts for the court.




Channing said...

Hello Snyders and Nana!

My thoughts are with you even more than usual as you're preparing to leave. I know it's not going to be easy for any of you but the silver lining is that WE ARE ALL READY FOR YOU TO COME HOME!!! You will be welcomed with open arms and I pledge to do my best to distract you while you're waiting to go back and get Garrett in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy your last visit to the orphanage tomorrow and GOOD LUCK in court!


Holly said...

I am sitting in my office, crying for pure joy - Sasha has a family to love and be loved by. My heart hurts from relief.

We are excited to see you all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the next few days as you mount the near last few hurdles of getting Garrett home officially.

Be safe.

Jodi said...

Once again, such a great post. How wonderful that Sasha will be meeting his parents soon!! I too loved the Men only chocolate bar - brought several home for various uncles, grandfathers, etc.!

Wishing you smooth sailing in court (I have no doubt you will have no troubles - WPA is the best agency in Kaz), a safe and uneventful flight home, and family and friends to keep you busy until you return to Kaz once more.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am dying to know.

How many swedish fish can Tim carry?

His Sister

ault family said...

Oh my, I can't even imagine the range of emotions you are going through! Just keep thinking to yourself that he'll be fine, and with baby soccer, he will be! :)

It is clear to see that those care givers really do care about each of those beautiful babes. They look as though they would protect them with their life! :0

Best of luck with court!

Colorado, USA said...

Great post! We are in the paperchase stage and I have loved reading your blog. Best of luck in court and I look forward to reading about your gifts!


Anonymous said...

It’s so nice to know that dreams do come true and hard work pays off. Garrett is such a welcome and wonderful addition to our family. As a mother it’s hard to imagine what you and Tim are going through, having to leave Garrett behind. I’m so glad to hear that he has such wonderful caregivers. Your trip back to get Garrett is just around the corner and will be such a joy.

Sending lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Have safe travels!
I'm sure it will be hard leaving but just think everyday that goes by, you will be closer to having little Garrett forever!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Sam, Ryan, and Gabby said...

I am so thrilled that Sasha has found a home! That made my day. I am sure you guys all have lots of emotions about leaving, but know that you will be back soon and you will keep in touch with everyone you have met, if they feel the way we all do about you, they will seek you guys out, you are all wondeful! Even though I know you are sad right now to leave, you are sad because you had such a wonderful experience and thank goodness for that! We are selfishly so excited for you to come home too! Good luck in court, you will do fantastic, I know it. And give Garrett a big squeeze, before you know it you'll be coming home with him on the plane. Can't wait too see you all soon.
Sam, Ryan, and Gabby

Malar said...

Soooo happy to read that Sasha is getting a home too! Crying with relief over the good news.
Before you know it, you will be back with little Garrett too. Years later there will be all these stories to tell and more.
Looking forward to meeting you in person......have heard so much about you. And can't wait to see my buddy and hear everything firsthand!
Big hug to all.

Maureen Powers said...

I have been lurking and following your blog for some time now. Thank you for sharing it with the WPA family. We just completed our dossier for Baby #2. I have really enjoyed your running commentary about life in Kokshetau as it holds many dear memories for us; we were in Kokshetau over 2 years ago (has it already been that long?) to adopt our first son.

Hope everything from here on out goes well, including your travels back home with Garrett!

The Powers Family
(Maureen, Sean, and James)