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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spotted baby and a dog in the car

Day 26

This is one of the pictures posted just at the entrance to Garrett's room at the babyhouse. The caregivers, either optimistic or unconcerned with the sign, continually have the arrow pointing to the happy child. Today, however, we felt pretty safe in turning the arrow down to the sad face. All of the babies in Garrett's ward, my little pie included, have a bad cold. They were all coughing and sniffling. Additionally, all the little ones have spots on their face from a generalized skin infection that is being passed among them. They look pretty pitiful.
So Garrett didn't really feel like playing again today.
So we just sort of cuddled until our time was up. When we got back to the car, we had a surprise in store. Nursultan, our crafty driver, had once again used Makhabbat's absence to transport a passenger home with us. This time, however, instead of loud women, he had a dog in the backseat! It was in a crate in the backseat and everytime we landed in a particularily big pothole, the poor creature howled miserably. I think that it was as confused about its presence in the car as we were. Never a dull moment.
In other news, last night's snow storm has dried into a cold fierce wind. Even though branches are cracking and adults are rushing to their homes, Calvin is still playing cars in the front yard with Ali and his sister. Yesterday we bought Ali a small toy car as a present and today Calvin ran out to see Ali shouting, "Ali! Ali! Padarak for you!" It was so cute.


ault family said...

Aww, sorry to hear about all the illnesses going around. And spots too now. Double :(!

How funny about the extra passenger! At least it wasn't a chicken!


Stephanie and Gary said...

Hi Rebecca -- thanks for finding my blog! I just had a chance to briefly look through it and I love how informative you are, how open with all the details and emotional aspects of your journey! Your sons are gorgeous -- and I love their names and how well they go together. Where do you live?
Enjoy your journey and I hope everyone feels well soon enough over there!
You know -- I didn't get to read the beginning of your story yet. Did you travel blind, and how long have you been there so far -- was there an option to do multiple trips in your region? Just trying to get the lay of the land!
Thanks again for commenting.
I look forward to following your story!
Brooklyn, NY

Nicole Faraclas said...

Hey Beccs,

Awww, so sorry the little bug has the flu. I'm glad you're there to nurture him through this as much as you can.

I'm so glad Kathy and Cal got a chance to spend some time with G-man yesterday. Cal and G are just adorable together. Cal is growing so much. He's quite the little man. My mom said she read him a story the other night and he just ate it up. You and Tim are such amazing parents. G is so lucky to come into such a wonderful family.

I'm going on a vacation of my own, so might not respond for a few days. But know that my thoughts are always with you and I'm sending such strong love your way.


Channing said...

Hi Bec!

So sorry to hear Garrett isn't feeling so well and that it's snowing. The good news is that he'll be home in CA and won't get sick from the other kiddos VERY soon! I'm dying for an update if you have one on when you'll be returning to Kaz. In regards to the snow, the upside of that is that everyone here is going CRAZY with allergies and I know you would be too.

So excited you 4 are coming home a week from right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey all! Happy belated bday Rebecca! What a unforgettable birthday that will be.
Poor little Garrett.....its so hard to seed them not feeling up to speed! Im so glad you are all there with him to give him lots of extra kisses hugs and cuddles.....
We're on countdown for your arrival home! It will go by fast!!!! Before you know it you will be bringing the little man home! We miss you guys! Its too quiet around here! Can't wait to see you all! Take care! Alisha and Devin

Sam, Ryan, and Gabby said...

Poor little Garrett! I hope he feels better soon, that is no fun at all being a sick baby. I hope he gets better soon & we send our hugs and kisses. A dog this time, hmmm...I guess it could have been worse, but this guy sounds hilarious, always up to something. It is so adorable that Calvin has friends in Kaz and is wonderful to see that two kids can be friends even without understanding what each other is saying.
Hope you have a better day tomorrow!
Sam, Ryan, and Gabby