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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Introducing Garrett Ruslan Snyder!

Hello Everybody! I'm finally here and aren't I cute!

Mommy says my mohawk is darling!

Hello, brother.

Here is our little family!

Daddy and his boys! Finally.

Love you all. Way too exhausted to type. Must sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz...


Jennifer M said...

He's such a cutie!! You all are such a lovely family.

I'm so happy for you guys that you met your son!

Nicole Faraclas said...

What a journey. CONGRATULATIONS!! Garrett is so beautiful. Massive amounts of love from me to you all!

RyantheMighty said...

Congrats you guys! We can't wait to meet him! :D

Malar said...

It's wonderful to finally see a picture of the 'whole' family! Little Garrett looks totally adorable!

Caro K said...

Ack! I can't believe it!!! He's so adorable, and he looks so comfy in the middle of all the hugs and jackets and amazement. (Also, he has awesome hair.) I'm beaming ear to ear.

Love you all so SO SO much,

Becki Stone said...

Oh he's so cute!!!! Congrats!

Baby Kaz Moore said...

YEAH!!!!!!! Sending you best wishes. He is precious, and it's easy to feel the joy.

You inspire me for my trip.

Best, Susan

The Ryan's said...

What a cutie. Enjoy every minute of your time there. You are doing a great job of describing your journey - I feel like I'm back there! Looking forward to following along. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Garrett is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to you all...after all this time you finally have met your baby boy. Mr. Calvin looks so happy to have a little brother, and you all look so happy together. Sending our love & best wishes during this special time.
Sam, Ryan & Gabby baby