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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Travel Dates!

I'm almost incoherant with nerves and to-do lists because we finally have travel dates! Our letter of invitation (in Russian) came last week and two days ago we finally got our travel dates! We have booked our tickets, thanks to Barbara Walters at Go To Russia Travels (yes, that is really her name). We are leaving for Almaty on March 9th... and arriving on March 11th!!!!! I don't even want to think about how many house in the air that means... but the important thing is that we are officially going. We will be back on April 12th (a.k.a - Easter).
After two years of longing and one year of serious planning, we will actually find and meet our son in less than ten days! Unbelievable!
I'll post an itinerary once I knock down some of the millions of things I have to do before we leave.
Stay tuned, folks, we are in the final countdown!


Pat and Alli said...

How exciting!! I'm looking forward to following your amazing journey. We arrived home from Kaz with our two beautiful children in August 2005 and are currently in the process of adding another precious jewel from Kaz to our family.

You have so much to look forward to :) Best wishes for a safe trip.


The Ryan's said...

Congratulations!! You will arrive in Kaz on our Kaz Princess's birthday. Have a wonderful trip. We look forward to following your journey.

The Ryans

Jill said...

Have a wonderful trip. Just thinking of someone going to Kaz makes me a little Kaz-sick and it's been five years!

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. We brought our daughter Alia home from Kokshetau on 10/30/08. I look forward to following along.

Safe travels!


Amelia said...

Rebecca - yeah!! It's an awesome trip. Can't wait to hear you are in country. Safe travels!