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Monday, March 16, 2009

Just photos

Day 5
Just pictures today. I figure... why should I write, if no one comments. That's right. A threat. So here you are, just pictures of a cute baby... hmmm.... not much of a threat after all.

Big smiles for our Daddy!

Garrett had the hicups - so he got a bottle of "compote" which was apple - my guess is that it is water boiled with dried apples to make a warm and weak juice - delicous!

A happy Momma and a happy baby.....together.....

Daddy and the cutie pie looking out the window.



P.S. - Leave comments if you like what you see. I'm feeling awfully alone out here.


Karen said...

Your son is adorable!
My husband and I hope to travel to Kokshetau with our 4 year old daughter this spring to adopt a baby girl. I check your blog twice a day. I can't wait to learn more, view the experience through your eyes and imagine our baby.
My mother is also following your story.Take care and enjoy! Karen, Dave and Katherine Andover, Ma

Becki Stone said...

Hello!!! I'm Becki (our dossier is in Kaz, we are currently waiting for our region assignment!)
Your son is so beautiful! I'm loving the pictures- keep them coming, and I'm enjoying following your blog :)
Take care!

patrice said...

Reading your blog is second best to being there. I love the pictures that you painted today of that snowy world, its colors and people. The food stories are also quite fun. Great job Tim. "Have chef skills will travel."
Garrett is such a little love! I get emotional when I look at the pictures of him with his mommy and daddy. He's a real cutie. I can tell that it was "love at first sight." (:-)
Love you,
Aunt Patrice

Malar said...

Becca - little Garrett is just soooo adorable! Must say I wake up every morning so excited to see your updates. I feel like I am there with all of you!
Keep posting pictures and keep writing.....we all love it!
Big hug and love to you all!

Nicole Faraclas said...

Oh Becca!! Garrett is so beautiful and happy. I am showing off all the pics to my coworkers right now. Amazing. I am so proud of you and can't wait to read more.

Sam,Gabby & Ryan said...

We have been reading your blog every day (I go to it a lot more than that most days so I can look at Garrett's adorable smile and what new thing he's discovered). Gabby says Hi and misses you all, she is talking in complete sentences this week, "where daddy?". We can really see from the pictures that Garrett is in love with all of you and he is so happy that you are his family. It is really touching to watch the daily progression of your connection with him grow. Truly amazing & inspiring. We send our love - don't feel alone, we are thinking of you often. It is rainy and springy here in CA and everything is in bloom, which reminds me of new beginnings and how wonderful it will be when you finally return with a new baby.
Sam, Gabby & Ryan

Channing said...

My Dear Friends,

Don't feel alone. I'm thinking of you all day every day and LOVING seeing the pictures of your darling son. It makes me teary to watch the connection you all have with each other in just a short time. You needed to love him and he certainly needs your love too.

I get so excited to wake up each morning and read the latest update. Thank you for doing this for all of us back home. It's hard not being with you during such an important time in your lives because I want to be there to support you and celebrate with you. We'll just have to celebrate in May when Garrett is home.

Give Calvin a kiss from Auntie Channing and tell him the Salameras are very proud of him. And Brookie asks about him every day.

Keep the updates coming. You're not alone! Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!!!
I love seeing all of the beautiful pictures of you all...What a beautiful baby boy Garrett is. Your writing about the adventure is amazing. Love hearing about it.... I miss you guys..all is well here on the homefront. Keeping Gretch company!! Enjoy your time so much....Take care..Love Alisha and Devin