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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunny Day = Pictures Only

Day 18

Blue sky!!! I see blue sky!!! Look!
Sorry everyone, but I'm claiming a sunny day exemption from writing. Calvin is absolutely jamming on his little Kazakh bike, so we're going to get out into the sun while it lasts!

Enjoy the pictures of my beautiful boy!




Emily Curtin said...

Hi Snyders
We are following along on your blog. We are a fellow WPA family. We adopted our son from Uralsk in march 2007 - so the weather and lack of anything green or blue sky is quite familiar. You are almost there! Good Luck and hang in there.
Emily Curtin
(Tosh b: 7.14.06 a: 3.25.07)

ault family said...

Great pictures! I've been away for a couple days, so I'm getting caught up on your postings... After seeing how gloomy the weather has been there from the other pix, I would rejoice at the appearance of the sun too! :0


Sam, Ryan, and Gabby said...

Wow, finally a sunny day, how wonderful. Garrett is just cuter and cuter and Calvin is really looking great on his bike. Hope you enjoyed the day!
Sam, Ryan, & Gabby
PS-It was almost 80 degrees here today, the whole world must be having beautiful weather!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the blue skys. Hey, the four of you bring the sunshine where ever you are!
Hugs to all five of you.
Aunt Patrice

Regina said...

I know all about to much gray and rain. Fortunately Seattle is the Evergreen State so even when it is gray there is still some green. Still, on sunny days we just have to get out, no matter how cold, the sunny days are wonderful!
Wishing you more sunny days while you are there.