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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleepy but smiling

Day 4
Garrett was sleepy today and when Tim and I first arrived we wondered whether or not he was catching the cold that one of the other babies has. We went through our normal rountine of diaper and kisses and layers and kisses and hats and kisses and blanket and kisses before we were sent, not to the activity room that we had been in until now, but to the larger music room I had seen in other parent's pictures.

I caught a glimpse of Tim's fierce paternal instinct as he muttered something low and terse about getting Garrett out of this institutionalized care. Not that we blame the caretakers for sniffles and colds. That is inevitable. All that we had heard about the caretakers loving these kiddos is true. Everyone we pass knows Garrett by name and they all bark "Eh! Eh! Rrruslan!" at him in friendly russian voices and wide gold toothed smiles. They are doing everything that they can for the babies in their care and we appreicate all of their efforts to keep their little ones safe and warm and happy. They really do a great job. It's just hard to see your little one wheezing and sniffling when you know that you are ready and able to do better.

After about 20 minutes of just being held, Garrett began to perk up and we got lots of smiles playing a game that had been one of Calvin's favorites as a baby. Over and over I let Garrett stand on those strong baby legs on my stomachs as I lay on the floor, then I would swoop him down for a kiss and then stand him back up again. He absolutely adored it. Little thrill seeker.

Then, as we were permitted to let him play on the floor in this room, we let him have some tummy time.

After a while, our pumpkin was tired again and we just held him and rocked for the rest of our time together.

He is such a sweetheart. I trying my best to learn all of his little coos and growls but so far I'm just guessing. The hour and a half goes so fast! I wish I could hold him all day.

He's such a big boy, too. The pants I brought for my 6 month old baby are sized 9 months and they were so tight I unbuttoned them to give his tummy a little more room. The "I'm Calvin's Little Brother" shirt that he's wearing is a 12 month shirt and, granted he has two layers underneath, but it is snug! Looks like Garrett is going to fit right in with the big boys in the Snyder house!

Before I finish, here are a couple more views around the music room.

A view out the window of the older children's play area

Another view out the window. I don't know what that big black thing is.

A wooden wall hanging with a mother hen gathering in her chicks.

Acoustic ceiling tiles with butterflies printed on them

The front of the music room, with piano, a stack of xylophones on the shelve and a radio. There was also an accordian which we heard them playing for the children yesterday when we came in. Each of the groups of older children (up to age 3) have music time everyday in this room.

Just before we left, a photographer came in to take Garrett's passport picture.

After we had said our goodbyes and were walking to the car, Makhabat told us that Garrett hadn't taken his morning nap with the rest of the babies. Tim and I said that we had noticed how tired he was. Makhabat shook her head and said "No. You don't understand. Ze babies they feel zeez things. Zeez is a good sign. He knew you were coming. He was too excited to sleep."




Baby Kaz Moore said...

I love that comment!! Wise, correct and thoughtful. Take care, Susan

Angela said...

Makhabbat is so awesome! And, she is right. We were told Alia quit eating for a day or so when we left between bonding and court.

I am enjoying following along on your journey! Your boy is such a cutie!

Please tell Makhabbat Scott & Angela ("the teachers") say hello and Alia is doing well.

The Ryan's said...

That is so sweet. You are truly becoming a family! He is so cute. Tell Makhabbat Hi from the Ryans.

Regina said...

This one made me cry. Just the thought of him truly feeling love of family for the first time, what a joy, what a blessing, for all of you!
I was thinking about what it will feel like to leave for even that short time, without your little love. Thankfully only two weeks.
What a blessing to have the two of you as parents and Calvin as a big brother.

Your the best!
We love you!
John, James and Kevin too!